Mini Play-Fest 2021


Cornwall’s Children’s Festival – Designed by children and their families to bring Well-being through play and active opportunities. Especially for families and children that cannot access creative activities and holidays away.

On October 29 to 31 located upon the Cathedral Green in Truro this event links to children and youth groups across Cornwall and reaches out to the most isolated and deprived.


PLAY-FEST  promotes the welfare of children and young adults;  especially the most vulnerable.

Safeguarding applies to all aspects of our work and to everyone working for PLAY-FEST including permanent and temporary employees and contractors

This means that everything we do should be in the interests of children and young people.

This includes ensuring that the providers have effective procedures for keeping children safe from abuse, neglect and exploitation.


Protect children from maltreatment

Promote children’s Wellbeing, health and development

Ensure that children are provided with safe and effective care

Help enable children have the best opportunities

PLAY-FEST will work with other people and organisations to prevent the risks of abuse or neglect

PLAY-FEST encourages feedback and suggestions and accepts all comments in confidence.

PLAY-FEST 2021 (part of National Playday) is a festival to celebrate children’s right to play, National Playday is a campaign that highlights the importance of play in children’s lives.