Would you like to get involved with us next year? Please email us at info@play-fest.co.uk for more information.



We always need volunteers at Playfest to help with this exciting event, if you want to get involved with something more, please contact us. Volunteering opportunities include on-site volunteering and off-site assistance in event preparation for the event. These opportunities are great if you are looking to give something back to the community, wanting to build work experience or want to feel more a part of it all. Whatever your reason! Come join the fun!.


Each year we book hundreds of musicians, comedians, walkabouts, poets, circus acts and visual artists. Please in your email submit your band/artist details plus availability.


We offer pitches for Market Stalls, Caterers and Charities. We pride ourselves on trying to keep diversity and give out as greater benefit as possible to our pitchers.


Every year we have a range of different rides available at Playfest, we have many regulars we continue to keep but we are always looking for new and exciting attractions.


Please follow this link for more information: http://www.play-fest.co.uk/help-us/